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Nepal is an under developed country whose more than 75% population is below the line of poverty. There is almost no coordination between their financial need and supplement. The people with low income status have no reach to the recently established banks and finance companies in Nepal. They are simply unable to acquire any output from their investment and find themselves incapable of getting even a small financial requirement fulfilled. They are compelled to accept low interest for their savings and have to face the problem of abortive attempts to acquire loan for investment. Even if they get a loan sanctioned for their business, social, domestic or personal necessities they have to undergo a cumbersome and lengthy process. Naxatra Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd. has been established and is in business according to the cooperative Act 2048 of Nepal with the intention to find a solution to the above-mentioned problems, to provide attractive return to investors for their savings in a transparent way, to facilitate the easy flow of loans in order to address the need of the above category of people and also to create opportunity for self-employment through the dissemination of petty loans.

Our Scheme
Normal Saving
An account can be opened at Rs. 1,000/- to the minimum. A 8% interest rate on balance. One million can be withdrawn in a week.
Special Saving
An account can be opened at Rs.25,000/- to the minimum. A 12% interest rate on balance. Any amount as per requirement can be deposited or withdrawn.
Children’s Future Saving
Rs. 1000/- to be deposited every successive month. No withdrawal is allowed for at least 3 years. An interest rate of 12% is given on daily saving. An interest rate of 8% is given on monthly saving. A loan of 90% of the deposit can be sanctioned.
Housewife Savings Account
An account can be opened at Rs. 1,000/- to the minimum. An 9% interest rate on balance. The offer of silver coin is given every year to the account holder who deposits more than 25,000/-
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Naxatra Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd.
New Baneshwor
Kathmandu, Nepal

Email: info@naxatra.com.np
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